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London Below is a Unisystem homebrew game incorporating elements of Neil Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere, as well as the browser-based story-focused game, Fallen London by FailBetter games.

Characters play miscreants, immigrants and natives, struggling to work with or against the politics, gangs and violence of London Below – the secret world that lives underneath the city of London.

While the setting takes place in the modern day, there are two worlds beneath London that draw on a Victorian aesthetic: one, London Below – the world of the subway lines, sewer lines and so on; and two, The ’Neath – a world of strange horrors that exists below the Inverted Spire descending into the places that London forgot, literally.

Although the worlds are effectively considered to be allied with one another against the Surface, the ’Neath is clearly considered the slums, whereas London Below is almost a paradise in comparison.

This is a world of madness and nightmares; casual violence and corrupted Victorian niceties; the weird and the horrific; and the Echo Bazaar.

So, welcome, welcome.

Disclaimer: I own none of this. Nothing in here is mine; I am adapting the worlds created by Neil Gaiman and the team at Fail Better Games to an RPG system. Please don’t sue. Thanks.

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